5 reasons why masturbation is good for you

Did you know that masturbation not only provides a nice and relaxing feeling, but also has multiple health benefits? Regular masturbation helps you sleep better and makes you a happier person.

Increases Your Libido

Due to hormonal contraception, or for any other reason, your libido may not be as high as you hoped. Research shows that people who masturbate reported having a higher sex drive and enjoy sex more. Using a yoni egg or Yoni wand you can help you connect to your muscles for deeper and more enjoyable sensations.

You Feel Happier

When you masturbate, your heart starts to beat faster, which accelerates your blood flow. Just like an intensive workout, endorphins and dopamine are released. These are produced in your brain and give you a feeling of euphoria. As a result  you experience less stress and feel more relaxed. 

Headache and Cramps Relief

When you have cramps during your period, or when you have a headache, masturbation can help relieve this pain. As mentioned above, masturbation releases endorphins and dopamine. Not only do they provide a euphoric feeling, they also suppress the nerves that signal pain to the brain. This way you can naturally relieve your cramps or headache.

Helps You Sleep

Do you ever feel tired after sex or masturbation? This is because your brain releases oxytocin when you orgasm. Oxytocin blocks the effects of cortisol, a stress hormone, this may cause you to feel tired. As a result you may sleep better.

It Strengthens Your Relationship

Frequent masturbation not only strengthens your relationship with yourself but also with your partner. Masturbation ensures that you get to know your own body better, from everything you like, to the things you don’t like. By knowing these things, you can communicate them to your partner, who can respond to them. Which results in a better sex life.


Masturbation brings many benefits, including both physical and mental benefits that you can take advantage of in your daily life. In addition, it can help to strengthen your relationship. Take the time to discover your body and you will soon enjoy it.