3 methods to cleanse & recharge your crystals

Energetically cleaning your yoni crystal

There are several ways to cleanse the energy of your yoni crystal:

  • Hold your crystal or gemstone under running water for a few minutes. Not all gemstones should be cleansed this way because some stones are sensitive to water. Look into whether your chosen gemstone is sensitive to water before using this method of cleansing. 
  • Submerge your crystal in a bowl of water and Himalayan salt. 
  • Burn white, dried sage and run your crystal through the smoke several times. This method is called “smudging.” 

Energetically recharge your yoni crystal

There are several methods to recharge the energy of your crystal:

  • Leave your yoni crystal outside during the night of a full moon. The moonlight will restore the energy of the crystal. 
  • Place your crystal on top of a geode/cluster of clear quartz. The properties of the quartz will help recharge the crystal. 
  • Dig a small hole and burry your crystal overnight or for a few days. This method energetically cleanses and recharges the crystal at the same time.