Consent starts with you: take back your yoni power

If someone has crossed your boundaries in the past, it may be hard to set boundaries again. Sometimes it seems easier for us to ignore our bodies rather than listen for the signals that someone has crossed a line, but it is so important that we listen to our bodies and vocalize our feelings so we may feel empowered. 

Take back your yoni power

To take back your power, look inward and listen. Remember that your yoni practice is spiritual and always take your time. 

Ask for forgiveness

Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit with your yoni and ask how she is. Ask her for forgiveness for any time someone may have entered before she felt ready. 

Practice consent

Practice with your yoni egg or fingers, but before entering, ask your yoni for permission. Vocalize what she says. You may sense that the answer is “No,” “Not yet,” “I need some time first”, “Yes,” or a full-blown “Yes!” Whatever the response, respect your yoni’s wishes and journal her answers. Do this practice everyday, let your power/respect grow.

Respecting your yoni takes practice, so be patient with yourself. Remember that consent begins with understanding your own body. Write your boundaries down and voice them, both to yourself and others. Your “No,” means no, and a true “Yes,” is said with confidence. You can’t control how others will react to your boundaries, but you can stand up for yourself and make your desires clear. When you believe consent starts with you, you maintain your boundaries and your agency in life.