Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning ‘sacred place’.

A Yoni egg is an egg-shaped crystal or gemstone used to insert in your vagina. A Yoni egg may be used for meditation or to exercise the pelvic floor.

Before using your Yoni egg

Before and after every use, it’s important you thoroughly clean your Yoni egg.

If you have a drilled Yoni egg string it with natural floss, so it’s easier to take out after your meditation or exercise. Change the floss after every use.

Your crystal may feel a bit cold. Hold it under warm (not boiling) water before you use it.

Inserting your Yoni egg

It’s important you are relaxed when you insert your Yoni egg. A Yoni massage is all about love and attention. Do not force yourself or have any expectations. Bring your attention and love to your Yoni, breathe in and out, relax your body. Send love to your Yoni. Smile to your Yoni. If any blockages arise, embrace them with love and give yourself the time to relax. Trust yourself and your body.

Exercises and meditation

After inserting you Yoni egg, you can start your Yoni practice. This may be a meditation or pelvic floor exercises.

Removing your Yoni egg

To remove your Yoni egg, you can pull the string a bit and squeeze the egg out.

When not to use a Yoni egg:

If you are menstruating.
If you have an STD or any other infection
If you are pregnant.
If you have an IUD.
If you have any vaginal pain.

Always consult your medical doctor prior to using a Yoni egg.