Mindfulness in your bedroom

Masturbation ensures, among other things, a happier mood, less stress, and a better night’s sleep. But did you know that masturbation can also be a form of meditation? Mindful masturbation gets you out of your head.  Letting go for a moment and being fully present in the experience. Sounds amazing, right? But what exactly is mindful masturbation and how do you practice?

Masturbation as a form of meditation

Do you often find your thoughts being occupied with the past or with the future? Then it’s time to jump in your bed for some mindfulness! When you are mindful you focus your attention completely on the present moment, without any judgment. By living in the moment, you get closer to your essence and enjoy more consciously. Those are the key ingredients for a nice masturbation session. Mindfulness during partner sex or masturbation also increases the chances of reaching an orgasm. So win-win.

Even if you don’t have much experience with mindfulness yet, solo sex is a good way to experiment with this. Because of all the sensations, you are feeling, masturbating makes it easy to focus all your attention completely on your body. This makes it better to let (negative) thoughts disappear into the background than would be the case with other forms of meditation.

How to practice Mindful Masturbation

You can absolutely learn mindful masturbation. If you fail to reach an orgasm, your thoughts may be the cause. Thoughts like “why can’t I have an orgasm” may prevent you from reaching your climax because you are busy with your thoughts instead of being fully present and enjoying the moment. When you notice your mind pondering, try to shift your focus back to your breath and what you are feeling in your body. Do not focus on your orgasm, but on the connection, you make with yourself. By mindfully masturbating, you can experience higher levels of arousal than you ever thought possible. So get started with your Pleasure Wand! Don’t have one? Click here to buy your Yoni wand.