SIZE MATTERS: How to choose the size of your Yoni egg

Using a yoni egg can help strengthen your pelvic floor and promote vaginal health, but choosing the right yoni egg for your needs can be intimidating. No worries, we’re here to guide you to the right egg for you so you can experience the benefits of yoni eggs right away!  

There are three different sizes of yoni eggs: small, medium, and large.

The egg size you need depends on the strength of your pelvic floor muscles – not on your body type or size. The weaker your pelvic floor is, the larger your yoni egg will need to be (and vice versa). 

If you’d like to test how strong your pelvic floor is, the following exercise will guide you: 

small, medium & large rose quartz Yoni egg

Start by picking an area to sit or lie down where you feel safe, comfortable, and won’t be disturbed. Once you’re relaxed, place one or two fingers inside your vagina and squeeze your pelvic muscles up toward your belly button. If you don’t feel anything at first, add another finger. If you feel pain with just two fingers inserted, there’s no need to insert a third finger. 

If you feel a slight tension or nothing at all after placing the third finger, start with a large yoni egg. If you feel your muscles with just two fingers in place or if placing a third finger hurts, you should start with a medium egg. Wait until you are experienced with yoni eggs and are ready for a challenge before you begin using small eggs. 

In general, most women who are new to using yoni eggs will need a medium egg. Women who have already experienced menopause and woman who have given birth will most likely need a large egg. Women who have given birth should consult with their doctor before using a yoni egg. 

You know yourself best, and it’s important that you listen to your body when deciding which egg to use. Remember your comfort and health are the highest priority!