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Must be  at least 18 years or older to purchase and / or use our products.  

As we try our best to provide the most accurate information regarding our products, uses and results, please keep in mind, everyone is unique and different, therefore each person will have their own results based off of the frequency of use, proper use and individual body. 

Return policy

Due to the intimate nature of yoni eggs and massage wands, returns will NOT be accepted. 

Damaged yoni eggs and other yoni gemstones will be replaced free of charge (we do require that you send the damaged items back; we will provide a pre-paid shipping label).  Replacement items will not be sent out until returned items have been received. 

Please inspect your shipment promptly (we recommend not ordering if you will be out-of-town) we require you contact us with in 7 days confirmed delivery about any damaged items. Contact after 7 days voids our exchange policy. 

Pictures are required of the damaged items via email. Please send clear pictures in good lighting. 

Our sizes are different than other yoni egg sellers, there is no standard size yoni egg among sellers. Returns will not be accepted for size differences, please do not compare our sizes with other sellers. 

Tiny surface nicks may be present on some of our yoni eggs (mostly the quartz family) and we do not accept returns for these items as it’s part of the natural formation of the gemstone. Please familiarize yourself with gemstones, their differences (color variations, textures, polishes, etc), MOHS scale, etc. before ordering. 

Form to return products:

— I would like to return the following products:

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Always use a condom when using a massage wand internally.

Do not use a Yoni egg or massage wand when pregnant, having an STD or other infection, having an IUD.

Do not use a Yoni egg internally when having sexual intercourse or menstruatin.