Yoni practice for beginners

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Start by picking an area to sit or lie down where you feel safe, comfortable, and won’t be disturbed. 


It’s important to begin your yoni practice with a relaxed mind and body. Give yourself time to decompress and take a few deep breaths before inserting your yoni egg. Notice where tension may be resting in your body and let the tension go as you breathe out. Give yourself plenty of time to complete this step. No need to rush. 

Bring your attention to your middle

Lie down or sit up straight in a comfortable position. Place your right hand underneath your belly button and your left hand on your lower back. Focus your attention toward your middle (the point between your hands). Take deep breaths. On every inhale, try to focus your attention on your middle. 

Your Yoni

Now bring your attention to your vaginal area (“yoni”). Continue breathing deeply, and as you focus your attention, send love to your yoni. On your next inhale, suck your yoni (vaginal muscles) up and in. After holding this position for a few seconds, let go with an exhale. 

Inserting your Yoni egg

To insert the yoni egg, you will use the same motion you practiced earlier. While breathing in and moving your vaginal muscles up and in, gently push your yoni egg inside your yoni. If you feel any resistance, do not force the egg inside. Instead, give yourself time to relax and open up before trying again. 

Notice where the yoni egg is now resting in the middle of your body and note any sensations you feel. Take a few moments to recognize any emotions you might be feeling. Writing down your feelings in a journal may help you to process and note the emotions you experience during your yoni egg practice. 

After a while, bring your focus back to your yoni. If you are lying down, sit up straight. If you are already seated, readjust your posture so that your back is straight. On your next exhale, push the egg down toward the floor using your yoni muscles. Check with your fingers how far you manage to push the egg down. Then, push the egg pack up using your fingers. 

On the next out breath, push the egg down again. As you take your next breath in, focus on using your yoni muscles to bring the egg back up. Do this as many times as feels comfortable for you. Your body will need time to get used to this movement. Do not force your yoni muscles to complete the exercise. If you can only manage to complete the up and down movement once, that’s just fine. Keep practicing, and you’ll see improvement!